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The complex of Caliphal Arab Baths of Cordoba (Spain) is a set of rooms where you can visit the primitive Baths of this Castle. In this virtual tour you can browse the map of the museum and know its various rooms and exhibited artworks.

Complex map

Bath of Caliphale Castle Hall The Al-Andalus water room The cold water room The lukewarm water room The warm water room The Al-Andalus Garden Reception hall of the taifa era The Almohad bath The Almohad bath

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The result of years of several improvements and alterations on the "Andalusi Baths" are three different separate areas. The east is the Caliphal Bath, a reception room of the Taifa period. The west is an Almohad bath. In the Caliphal bath there is an arcade, a dressing room, the cold water room, a lukewarm water room and a hot water room as well as an oven, woodshed and service areas. The bathing course followed an L-shaped passageway, that way, the main rooms could not be seen from outside.
A porticoed hall led from the Caliphal to the Almohad baths. At its front there was a garden with a fountain. The reception hall, erected in the 11th Century during the Taifa of Seville, was accessed through this portico.
Under the reign of the Almohad Dynasty in the 12th Century a new royal bath was built. The lateral hall rooms were reused as a vestibule area. The old oven was kept.

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Baths of the Caliphate Castle. Plaza Campo Santo de los Mártires s/n. 14004 Córdoba

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