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The bathers (1 of 2) Audiodescription.

The bathers (1 of 2)

You are in the dressing-room hall. It is divided into three connected halls. To the right, through a wide hole in the middle of the original wall, you will access a quadrangular hall, which has been fitted out as an auditorium with seats. To the left, there is a narrow rectangular hall. To the front, through a narrow hole in the middle of the original wall, and a not very steep ramp, you will access the next hall: The cold water room.
The royal baths were used by the Caliph, his family and his guests. They also served for political gatherings. The caliph enjoyed all types of ceremonials; aesthetic, physical and therapeutic care. Public baths had a popular nature. There were different times established for men and women. The baths were a place for social gatherings; they also hosted brides when getting prepared for their wedding. The baths' servants were in charge of their maintenance (cleaning, oven) and assisted the bathers (massage, hairdressing and dressing room).

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Baths of the Caliphate Castle. Plaza Campo Santo de los Mártires s/n. 14004 Córdoba

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